The High Costs of Clutter

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You may not have thought of clutter in terms of being a financial drain, but this is one point which you might like to consider when you are thinking about becoming better organised. Even more important, the financial drain from clutter is unnecessary.

When your habit of clutter leads you to not be able to easily know what you have on hand, you may find yourself in the position of wasting money on purchasing items and products which you already own. This factor can cover everything from work and school supplies to all of the personal items you have in your home. Replacing items which you already have can result in wasting a lot of money. You may also have experienced the irritation of forgetting to return library books, DVDs, and other items which you had borrowed or rented, resulting in the cost of late fees or penalties. Clutter can cost a considerable amount of money in the long run.

You also may not of thought of the effect which clutter can have on your health. While you may be aware that a messy home is more likely to be less than spotlessly clean, it also has a very negative effect on your mental and emotional state. When you are faced with a cluttered environment every day, it impairs your ability to think and focus properly. It can even lead you to feel depressed, frustrated, and filled with stress.

Clutter can affect your family relations and your social life. The fact is no one wants to be in a room, house, or apartment that is filled with clutter. In addition to it being uncomfortable for your friends and family members, you may be feeling embarrassed about the condition of your home. Your friends will not want to visit as frequently, and you will feel less inclined to have guests.

A cluttered home can impact your life in another manner. If you do not know where to readily find everything you need, you will be wasting time looking for items, and not being on time for work, school, or appointments. The time wasting factor of clutter can cause you to be late whenever you need to go somewhere.

A neat home which is free from clutter will be a true joy to you yourself and everyone who enters your home. People will appreciate your hospitality much more when they see you have taken the time to be organised. In addition, when you no longer have to deal with the discomfort and inconvenience of clutter, you will be much happier when you are at home. Your mood will improve, and your time can be used more efficiently, when your home is neat and organised.

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The High Costs of Clutter

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This article was published on 2010/04/04