Letting Go of Clutter in the New Year

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A New Year, A New Opportunity to Organize in the New Year New Year's Resolutions- who needs them? Why not decide to do something instead of make up goals you'll end up never keeping. Channel your thoughts and energy by actually blocking off time on your calendar to get those goals accomplished. If you'd like to get organized this New Year- start by scheduling in the time to get it done. Read further to get a jump start on organizing

Set realistic attainable organizing goals- how long was the clutter allowed to pile up? For some, it was years. You can't organize year's worth of clutter in one day. So, work on reducing the clutter space by space or room by room. Remember finish one space completely before jumping onto the next. You'll quickly get overwhelmed if you don't.

Although you might be purging back logged paper piles or clutter, be conscious of your daily habits. In order to maintain a clear space, there has to be daily toss time and daily "put things away" time. This doesn't have to take hours- 15 minutes max. Purging and daily maintenance are equally important. One without the other doesn't exist when you're first starting to organize.

Overwhelm- it happens to everyone. Set a kitchen timer or play a CD. Let that be your gauge of how long you'll work on your clutter before giving up. Promise yourself you'll make it through the complete CD or you'll work till the timer buzzes. When I'm faced with a lot of clutter at a client's home, I sometimes have to remind myself to put my blinders on, just like a horse. When horses need to focus on looking forward their blinders keep them concentrated and on task. So strap on those blinders and go at it- don't look back or around at all the clutter.

Don't know where to start? Grab 2 garbage bags- walk around the cluttered room filling one with trash, one with donations. Be sure to take out the garbage and donations when finished. Leaving it lying around will make matters worse.

Want to keep everything? Decide first, what you want the space to look like when you're done- would getting rid of half the stuff be enough to get it where you'd be pleased ? Would 20% clear enough clutter to help you better utilize the space? Be strict now and decide to clear that much stuff in order to attain your desired outcome. Without setting a precedence in the beginning you'll never get rid of the stuff while looking at it. The excuses will always come to want to keep something.

Live with Mr. or Mrs. Messy and you're neat? I know this is hard. Sit down and have a heart to heart talk. Don't accuse the person- instead, explain why and how you like things organized. List the ways being organized makes life easy for you. Meet half way. Don't expect the person to be perfect and do it every way your way. Ask nicely and maybe your loved one will understand and respect why organizing is so important to you. Then he or she might be motivated to make some changes.

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Letting Go of Clutter in the New Year

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This article was published on 2010/03/28