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Clutter free living has many aesthetic and functional advantages. Home cleaning is simplified when rooms are organized and well-ordered. Living clutter free can enhance your health, wealth, and well-being, and will help the environment as well.

Clean Home and Healthy You: Many of us are sensitive to allergens and dust that build up on belongings we pile up in our homes. Removing clutter reduces dust and allergens. Clean and dust areas using tools that collect dust rather than spread dust around. Cleaning tools that are useful include hand held vacuums, microfiber clothes and dusting sheets.

Wellness Benefits: Do you find yourself searching for something you just can't put your hands on but know you put it in a safe place? It requires some organization and planning, but you too can reduce the clutter and reduce time you spend searching. Make sure important papers and bills are kept in a specific place such as a cabinet, drawer, or bin. Use file folders or dividers and label each category so each important paper will be easy to find.

Wealth Benefits: Clutter control can also save you money! If everything has a space and is in its place, you minimize unnecessary purchases of items you have somewhere, but where? Also, when you enjoy the benefits of organized living, you will want to keep it that way and STOP impulse buying. The savings may be small each time, but may set a trend toward careful consumer buying.

Environmentally Friendly Rewards: How "green" are you with use and reuse habits? Incremental changes in reducing junk being thrown into landfills can make a significant difference toward protecting our environment. Many items have more than one use and can be adapted to perform other jobs.

Step 1: Remove Clutter: First find four boxes and label them in the following four categories; 1. Trash (junk that goes straight to trash or recycling) 2. Give Away/Sell (donate, swap, or sell things that are in good shape but you're done with) 3. Storage (aside from seasonal clothing and belongings, really be realistic about whether you will use again once your items are put in storage) 4. Put Away (If you can't come up with a good place to put the item, reconsider boxes 1, 2, and 3 again to see if you really should keep it or not)

Step 2: Organize your living space: Clutter is now eliminated and you have expanded your living space. Take time to organize each room to benefit your lifestyle. Don't try to organize even a whole room at once, but pick out small jobs areas within a room and tackle them separately. Organize each area according to your taste for appeal and for convenience. Tools you may want to utilize for organizing may include shelves, bins, and labels.

Step 3: Maintain: As papers and items come into the home, deal with each item directly by using the four box system – throw away, give away/sell, move to storage, or put it in its place for future use.

Step 4: Enjoy: Cleaning your home and keeping it clutter free will become a good habit. Strengthen the habit with daily use. Take up new hobbies or activities with your newly-found free time, as long as you avoid yard sales or impulse buying!

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Clutter Management For Your Home

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This article was published on 2010/10/11